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BAUMA CHINA 22/25 November 2016 – Shanghai Expo Center Come and visit us, save the date! We wait for you at our stand nr.781 Pavillon E3.     WET...

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The attendance of Vortex Hydra at this event again generates much interest from the international builfing industry.

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Here is how it will be Vortex Hydra stand at Bauma 2016 ! We thank you so much Ms Danila Dirani (DD DESIGN, Ferrara Italy) for the graphic design...






The Brush demolding system®, patent pending, system located at the end of the dry side production line, consists of a combination of a series of soft rotating brushes that gently separate the dry stones from the rubber footprints. The machine is designed to continually demould, within certain limits, rubber footprints of different sizes.


The Vortex Hydra Group, located in the historical province of Ferrara, in Northern Italy, consists of a group of international companies with operations located in Italy, Australia, Brazil, China and the United Kingdom.

The VH Group was founded in 1967 thanks to the initiative of a small group of young engineers that decided to enter business to address the growing market of industrial automation. Despite developing a variety of experiences in many different industrial sectors they became design specialists in construction production technology such as furnaces (for clay products), prefabricated production plants and hydraulic engineering where they developed equipment for water control including mechanical structures for dams, rivers, waterways etc.

In 1987 they decided to expand into the manufacture of products that they designed and so constructed a small manufacturing facility in the countryside of Ferrara which has been continually expanded over the years to form the present day VH manufacturing factory complex.

The company is now renown for its strong international orientation which over the years has proved to be an incubator for other businesses to be formed in Ferrara by persons who have had a past association with Vortex Hydra.

Today the Vortex Group operates in both the residential construction and renewable energy industries:

• For residential construction Vortex produces automatic production plants for the manufacture of high quality concrete roof tiles and other associated concrete products. It has also recently developed a new ‘patented’ technology for ‘wet cast’ production

• In the field of renewable energy Vortex designs and manufactures large valves to control water flows

Vortex Automation for Wet Cast enables a customer to reproduce a natural stone finish on a manufactured concrete veneer cladding stone with the use of a special rubber mould. The system has been conceived to replicate the texture of real stones that has been carefully sorted from tonnes of rock. The selected stones will complement each other with regard to shape, texture, size and detail. Vortex Hydra can assist the customer in the selection of the proper raw material rubber mould footprint in order that every textural detail down to the most finite level can be captured.


Vortex Hydra S.r.l.
Via Argine Volano, 355
44034 Fossalta di Copparo
(FERRARA) / Italy

Tel: +39 0532 879411
Fax: +39 0532 866766


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