Automation of top quality stone veneer manufacture, The curing process

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Posted on December 09, 2015


The automation of the manufacturing process of stone veneer products transforms the more convenional manufacturing methods that tend to rely heavily on the use of manually operated techniques into a more efficient and economic process.
Thanks to its modular nature, this automation can be applied to an existing plant gradually and permit to dilute both the capital investment and the production’s stops for installation.

The introduction of automated techniques could be as follows:
1. Supply of new steel fabricated stackable carriers required for the automatic stacking/destacking of the newly formed products
2. Supply of automatic destacker for carrier/moulds prior to dosing, and an automatic stacker after dosing
3. Supply of automatic destacker for carrier/moulds prior to demoulding, and an automatic stacker for carrier/moulds reassembly after demolding
4. Supply of automatic products demolding machine that can be installed at the end an existing line for either manual or automatic operation
5. Automatic handling of the silicon and/or polyurethane moulds to and from the curing chambers


Our technical solution includes the supply of steel carriers into which the rubber moulds are loaded. These steel carriers are custom designed to suit the customer’s production needs and so can vary in in size. In addition to preserving product quality their stable design enables fast handling and self-stacking techniques to be employed.




The Vortex automatic manufacturing system is capable of handling a production of 1,000 square metres per day with the movement of 2,000 steel carriers over an 8 hours shift.


Advantages of employing automation techniques include:
Reduction in production times
Reduction in labour costs
High quality products
• Prolongs the life of the moulds
• Reduction in labour activity requirements in the production process so enhancing health and safety considerations.

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