Brush Demolding System

layout demolding system


The Brush demolding system®, patent pending, system located at the end of the dry side production line, consists of a combination of a series of soft rotating brushes that gently separate the dry stones from the rubber footprints. The machine is designed to continually demould, within certain limits, rubber footprints of different sizes.

The Brush demolding system® is designed to work with conventional existing production plants. The Brush demolding system® can also operate as a stand-alone application capable of running at a rate of 1,000 sq.m per shift which will result in a considerable saving in labour costs when compared to a more conventional manual operation of this final production procedure.

Standard manual demolding systems usually employs from 5 people to 9 people to demold 1000 sq.m of stone veneer a shift. Variation occurs in case the production is related either to very small sized stoned or to big stone veneer panels. The Brush demolding system® permit the customer to demold the same amount of rubber molds with a very small amount of personnel (from 1 to 3 depending on the workshop organization) resulting in a very fast payback of the investment. Moreover the machine deeply reduces the human manual heavy operation.




render stand alone demoldingRender of Brush Demolding System
 render demolding-shortRender of Brush Demolding stand alone application