Frame Wet Cast Technology




Vortex Frame-Wet Cast® Plant Description

Vortex Frame-Wet Cast®  , patent pending, offers one of the most comprehensive types of automatic production lines for stone and brick veneer manufacture in the world.

With a capacity to produce 1,000 sq.m per shift, it is possible to produce a wide range of product combinations with regard to size and texture. (Multiple shifts can be allowed in relation to the mix design and curing process ).

Vortex Frame-Wet Cast® consists of locating a special rigid plastic frame onto a matching rubber base that is also referred to as a rubber footprint. This rubber footprint reproduces stone and wood or the like textures and after the curing process by means of an automatic “reverse-demoulding” system it is separated from the rigid plastic frame. Then the cured manufactured stone veneers over the rubber footprint are separated automatically in a next phase.

The artificial stonework is produced by filling a mould with a special mix of cement, water, additives, plasticisers and colouring.

The actual moulds are normally made in silicon or polyurethane rubber by “heading” natural stone shapes and textures.

As soon as the liquid mix solidifies in the mould a finished product similar to the original natural stone specimen is obtained.

In addition to perfectly reproducing the finish of the natural stone the rubber mould enables the casting to be easy de-moulded even when undercuts are present in the product due to the high elasticity of the mould.

The down side of manual demoulding which is employed on more conventional plants is that the moulds can suffer a loss of elasticity over time leading to permanent shape deformation and cracking so eventually rendering them unusable.

Damaged moulds can lead to the size incompatibility of the produced stonework so causing problems with regard to both product appearance and installation fixing.

More labour is required when manual demoulding and packaging techniques are employed resulting in high increased costs associated with the production of artificial stonework. All of the above matters are overcame by the “reverse-demoulding” over Frame-Wet Cast®  systems.



The “reverse-demoulding” system guarantees a long life durability of the moulds which were normally subjected to extreme stress and deformation. This revolutionary system enables the textured surface of the artificial stone to be reproduced against the soft silicon or polyurethane mat and the sides of the product formed within the rigid plastic frame so guaranteeing the reproduction of the required texture and dimensional tolerances of the product.

One of the biggest advantages of this technology is the ability to produce a series of very small stone specimens yet still yielding the highest rate of production per person per shift.
Based on our records, Vortex Frame-Wet Cast® system can double the production per day achieved by each person even in the case of very small stone manufacture.