Steel Carrier technology




Steel Carrier Production Plant Description

Vortex Steel Carrier technology provides much product flexibility within the automation system that can produce stone or wood veneers up to 1,000 sq.m per shift. (multiple shift allowed in relation to the mix design).
Vortex Hydra will custom design a special steel carrier to fit exactly around a customer’s rubber moulds in order to support the mould through the following different stages of production:


•           weighing/dosing the correct quantity of concrete mix onto the rubber footprint;
•           removing concrete excess from mould top;
•           stacking/unstacking of the steel carriers;
•           turning up-side-down the entire mould;
•           demolding.


All these operations can be fully automated dependent on level selected by the customer.

A big advantage of Vortex Steel Carrier technology is the final phase where the stone and rubber molds are simultaneously separated.




The Vortex Steel Carrier technology system coupled with Brush demolding system® minimises the human/labour impact on stone veneer manufacture so reducing: labour costs, inefficiencies, stone rejects and at the same time maximising the durability of the rubber footprint and the production capacity.

The flexibility of the steel carrier system can be applied to a customer’s existing range of moulding reducing the total investment needs as only the steel carrier and the associated relevant automation will be required.

An analysis of existing plants operational in different countries shows that by the introducing a Steel Carrier system the actual production per person can be doubled when producing medium size stones. Rising rates can be expected when producing large size stone specimens.